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The Earth Community Booklet from International JPIC- a Good Resource for your Parish

The Earth Community:

Through the Integrity of Creation towards Justice and Peace for ALL

(1) Download the booklet for printing* here (right-click, “Save link as”): earth community booklet.pdf
(2) Download the booklet for reading on your computer while you are off-line (right-click, “Save link as”): earth community.pdf
(3) Read the booklet online below:

* Some instructions for printing that may or may not work on your computer:
Click on “print” (for testing purposes, tick “Pages” and enter 1-4, otherwise it will print the whole booklet)
Make sure “Auto-Rotate and Center” is ticked
Then go to Properties (upper right hand)

  • Paper/Quality: make sure “Size is” A4
  • Finishing > tick the box next to “Print on Both Sides (Manually)” AND tick the box next to “Flip Pages Up”

“Booklet Printing: Off”

How to adapt the spirituality chapter (page 25) – an example prepared by the Franciscan family

In the booklet, there is an invitation to all congregations to prepare and distribute with the book a text that speaks about how your own spirituality challenges you to be concerned with our current ecological crisis. We have prepared such a text for the Franciscan family, and it is included below as an example of what you might do. Make use of it as you see fit. If you have any questions, please be in touch. Joe Rozansky OFM – Tel. 0039 06 6849 1218


Drinking of the Spirit–Praying with/for Water -an example prepared by the Franciscan family
In this presentation, there are many aspects that are considered in praying with/for water such as the use of rituals, Catholic Social Thought, pastoral letters, and the Millennium Development Goals. If you have any questions please be in touch. Sheila Kinsey, FCJM 0039 06 57177 333

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