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Fair Trade

The Fair Trade Movement not only enables a fairer return to producers in developing countries, it also provides an insight into the way in which trade can trap people in poverty and modern slavery.

Coldplay’s Chris Martin for the Make Trade Fair campaign

How the Fair Trade Movement Works.

What You Can Do.

  • Buy Fair Trade tea, coffee, chocolate at your local supermarket.
  • Try to have Fair Trade tea and coffee available in your workplace or Church
  • Organise a “Morning Tea” to promote Fair Trade products along with samples for sale and literature to inform those who come along.
  • See Fair Trade websites for other ideas
Relationship Coffee Fair Trade Case Study – Part 1 of 2

Relationship Coffee Fair Trade Case Study – Part 2 of 2

Useful Websites:

Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand

The World Fair Trade Organisation

Ethica Accessories.

Additional Resources

“New Internationalist” Magazine Guide.

New Internationalist and Fair trade

New Internationalist and Globalisation

New Internationalist and Sustainability

Facts About Chocolate

Chocolate, coco, greed, and the Ivory Coast-1/2


Chocolate, coco, greed, and the Ivory Coast-2/2

The Fair Trade Certification System