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Australian Government Development Assistance (Aid)

A page devoted to Aid given for the purposes of overseas development by the Australian Government.

AusAIDThe Australian Government’s overseas aid is managed by AusAID.”The aim of the program is to assist developing countries reduce poverty and achieve sustainable development, in line with Australia’s national interest”. See more details at AusAID“In 2009-10 Australia will provide $3.8 billion worth of official development assistance”.

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What We Should Do.

Join the campaign to increase the intended target of Foreign Aid from 0.5% to the acceptable level of 0.7%.

Monitor the effectiveness of Aid, particularly the project,

Mining for Development” to ensure that the interests of justice, social harmony and the environment are all being fairly considered

aidwatch_logoAid Watch

Have you ever wondered where your aid money is going?

“Australia delivers, on average, around $3.3 billion in aid each year, funding aid projects and programs in the Pacific, Southeast Asia, as well as parts of Africa and the Middle East. However aid payments don’t necessarily go directly to the communities or governments they’re intended to assist. Australian aid dollars end up in the hands of a variety of players including private contractors, Australian government departments, NGOs and multilateral agencies such as the World Bank and UN agencies”.

Aid Watch has a e-news bulletin published twice a month