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Sydney Alliance March Town Hall meeting, Bridging Sydney 2014

(Text taken from the pamphlet distributed by Sydney Alliance on the evening of the meeting).

Sydney Alliance Agenda for the Common Good March 2014 – June 2015

Jobs for the Common Good (WorkingStart!)

Supporting disadvantaged communities with good jobs that change lives. We’ll start with a specific ask in Glebe, that once evaluated, can be taken to all parts of the city.

We’ll ask the Minister for Citizenship and Communities, and Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Victor Dominello to:

  • Fund a pilot of an Employment Support Worker to work in Glebe and surrounding suburbs for three years- at a cost of approximately $150,000 per year;
  • Contribute funding to an evaluation of this innovation at a one off cost of approximately $50,000; and
  • Facilitate a cross portfolio expansion of this innovation so the role can be expanded to other communities.

For more: www.sydneyalliance.org.au/workingstart

Transport for the Common Good

The following three issues are time-specific, concrete, affordable and achievable over the next term of government. Each is about better’ using the infrastructure we already have.         •

We’ll ask the Premier Barry O’Farrell to:

  • Remove the extra station access fees charged to people who use the airport train stations, to make public transport to the airport affordable for all. For more: www.sydneyalliance.org.au/airportlink

We’ll ask the Minister for Transport Gladys Berejiklian to:

  • Commission a public feasibility study into the construction of a park-and-ride interchange on the Olympic Park line, to enable an express train service from the end of the M4 to Central Station. For more: www.sydneyalliance.org.au/m4
  • Answer why the NSW Government is behind in their program to upgrade train stations across the City, and what they are doing to get things back on track … starting with installing a lift at Arncliffe Station.
  • Make public the outcome of the evaluation process for access up­grades and to ensure that all train stations are fully accessible by 2020. For more: www.sydneyalliance.org.au/stationaccess

Sydney Alliance Transport Proposal




 20140326_203532 (3)

Sydney Alliance representatives from the Diocese of Broken Bay, March 26th, 2014

Affordable Housing for the Common Good

We’ll ask the Minister for Community Services and Women, Pru Goward to:

We’ll ask the Premier Barry O’Farrell to:

  • Remove stamp duty on new and existing dwellings for first home­buyers
  • Or replace up front stamp duty with a no interest delayed pay­ment scheme


  • Re-extend the First Home Owners Grant to purchases of pre-existing dwellings For more: http://www.sydneyalliance.org.au/issues/2014/03/12/housing/


During the assembly you will be asked to host a table talk.

If you are an individual without an organisation or your organisation is not a partner of the Sydney Alliance please txt your name and suburb to 0416028001.


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