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Humanising the Enemy: A Story of Hope in the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

The Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPACS), Jews against the Occupation (JAO) and the Global Social Justice Network (GloSo) invite you to a seminar to show the new and inspiring documentary, Within the Eye of the Storm. The documentary focuses on two former fighters, an Israeli and a Palestinian, both members of Combatants […]

Salesian Nuns and Priests to be separated by Apartheid Wall by Alice Bach

from “The Electronic Intifada“Submitted by Alice Bach on Tue, 07/10/2012 – 19:22 Nuns on one side: Priests on the other

After remaining in the shadows of non-Catholic-based media for years, women religious seem to be capturing the spotlight. Recently in these pages I discussed the American Nuns on the Bus trying to explain social […]

A call for peace and justice in the Holy Land

Bishop Pat Power – March 27, 2012 from the Canberra Times.


Israel must stop abusing Palestinians so trust and respect can prevail, PAT POWER writes


Pat Power is the Catholic Auxiliary Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn and long-time supporter of the rights of the Palestinian people.

Hardly a day passes […]

Palestine matters, not Gillard-Rudd soapies.

from the ABC’s The Drum – Opinion 6 March 2012

by Stuart Rees.

In the Khan Younis area of southern Gaza, the Qdeh family’s modest rabbit farm is one of several Australian trade union humanitarian aid (Apheda) projects which is bolstering food security for poor families.




On a Spring evening in […]

Palestinian priest tells UK parishes about desperate plight of Holy Land Christians

By: Fr Joe Ryan (Reprinted from Independent Catholic News) Posted: Friday, December 2, 2011 5:35 pm

Palestinian priest tells UK parishes about desperate plight of Holy Land Christians | Fr Johnny Abu Khalil,Nablus in Palestine,Parish of Enfield

Fr Johny Khalil and Fr Joe Ryan

Fr Johnny Abu Khalil, Parish Priest of […]

From the ABC – The World Today: “Palestinians link foreign aid to occupation”.

(Hear) Anne Barker reports for the ABC, October 04, 2011.

PETER CAVE: The US congress has blocked about $200 million in aid to the Palestinian Authority as apparent punishment for its applying for statehood through the United Nations.

The Authority relies on hundreds of millions of dollars a year in aid from foreign donors.


A One or Two State Solution? – Haneen Zoubi

Recently I attended a talk given by Ms Haneen Zoubi, a Palestinian from Israel and the first woman ever to be elected to

Ms Haneen Zoubi

the Israel Knesset as a member of an Arab party. I was particularly interested to hear what she had to say given that both Barack Obama and Pope […]