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Recycle Computers, Text books, Used Books through Kanga Schools

Contact details:

Email: contact@kangaschools.org

Website: www.sierraunite.org

See the attached brochure: Brochure 05-2009

Contact points and contact numbers:

Manly: 9938 5082

Pymble 0419 637 178

Belrose: 0419 637 178

Israel defies US with plan for 240 new homes on Palestinian land

From The Guardian (UK), 23rd June 2009. Rory McCarthy, Jerusalem (more details).

• Ehud Barak approved construction in West Bank • Scheme cuts farmers’ access to land, say critics

Israel’s defence ministry has proposed legalising 60 existing homes at a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank, and building another 240 homes at the […]

The UN Conference on the World Financial and Economic Crisis and its Impact on Development

This conference is coming up this week, 24-26 June 2009, New York. I phoned Stephen Smith’s office and was assured that Australia would have a representative at the meeting. (Just letting the Government know that it is being watched).

Updates on the meeting (such as they are) can be obtained from http://www.un-ngls.org, the UN […]