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Voices from Bougainville Report, Launch and Tour

The re-opening of the Panguna mine in Bougainville, closed for 25 years after sparking a decade-long civil war, has been proposed by the Rio Tinto subsidiary BCL. With the mine closed to outsiders, local perspectives on the reopening, especially women in affected communities, have not been heard. Jubilee Australia’s ‘Voices from Bougainville’ report, to […]

Argentina’s Debt Case: the International Dimension and an interview with Jubilee USA

Argentina’s Debt Case: the International Dimension

By Ezequiel Adamovsky

Source: teleSur English August 4, 2014 from ZNet at http://zcomm.org/znetarticle/argentinas-debt-case-the-international-dimension/ In an unprecedented situation, on 30th July the ratings agency Standard & Poor’s declared Argentina on “selective default”, after New York judge Thomas Griesa blocked the payments the country had already deposited for the 93% […]

Forum: Connecting and Collaborating: What are you doing to assist asylum seekers in Sydney?

When: 28th August 10am – 3pm the Mercy Foundation is hosting a forum for people working in organisations that assist or want to assist asylum seekers in our community. Register by 21 August.

Where: Mercy Foundation, Poche Centre Auditorium, Level 1, 40 Rocklands Road, Wollstonecraft, NSW, 2065 (directly opposite the Mater Hospital).

Register: […]