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Global Development


Professor Jeffrey Sachs, architect of the UN Millennium Goals outlines simply and graphically the urgent and critical concerns of the Social Justice and Environmental movement.  More details one how we are able to move towards a solution are outlined below and in the linked pages.

In December, 2008, noted economist, Dr. Jeffrey Sachs, founder of Millennium Promise, and author of the highly-acclaimed book, “The End of Poverty, ” visted the headquarters of Tyson Foods, Inc. to address the issue of global poverty and hunger. This is an excerpt from that address, in which Dr. Sachs raises the issue of how hunger foments political instability and all of its effects.

This website does not aim to deal with all possible issues. One of its aims is to provide a pathway to and understanding of some of the most outstanding issues so that the “wheel is not reinvented”, time and energy are not wasted and concerned people are supported and encouraged in their efforts.

There are a number of needs in order to act effectively for change.

  1. Up-to-date knowledge of a particular issue.
  2. Cooperation and solidarity with other people and organisations who share the same concern.
  3. Reliance on individuals and organisations at the “coal face” when it comes to advocacy and acting effectively.
  4. A willingness to work for change, with others and over a long period of time.
  5. The virtue of hope, along with faith and charity. Concern for the lack of the bare necessities of life, (of food, water, health, shelter, education, productive employment), for so many people throughout the world, that lack of dignity they experience as Children of God and our own brothers and sisters in Christ, is often the beginning of a journey for many. Moving along that path leads to questions, such as “why?”, and “why for so long?”
People within neighbourhoods, countries and between countries are now linking up and presenting a united voice to our leaders on a range of issues.

Facilitating such as linkage is one of the main goals of the web pages listed below.

Water – A source of Conflict?