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Illegitimate Debt and the Jubilee Movement

Illegitimate Third World Debt and Jubilee Australia

An introduction to Illegitimate Debt, (Part 1)

(PS: This clip has a small sound gap in the middle, from 6.16 – 6.48)

An introduction to Illegitimate Debt, (Part 2)


What you can do as an individual: Join Jubilee Australia. (Click here)
What your congregation can do:

Join with Jubilee Congregations around the world. To do so contact Jubilee Australia (Click here).

What does it mean to be a Jubilee Congregation?
It means committing your congregation to:
• Providing a contact person to facilitate education and action in your faith community
• Participating throughout the year in simple actions such as letter writing
• Raising a small financial contribution to support the mission of Jubilee Australia
• Praying for Jubilee justice for the world’s poorest communities
As a valuable Jubilee Congregation you will receive our quarterly bulletins to keep you up-to-date with the international and national Jubilee campaign. We will also suggest simple actions your congregation can take to make a difference, such as writing letters to the government or fundraising within your congregation.