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Affordable Housing and Homelessness – Social Justice In The Pub

The St Vincent de Paul Society will host a Social Justice in the Pub event on Wednesday 31 July 2013 at the Belrose Hotel, as part of a series of social justice talks across the state. Social Justice in the Pub provides an opportunity for local communities to come together to discuss social justice issues and their impacts.

Guest speaker is Michael Perusco, CEO St Vincent de Paul Society NSW who will speak on housing affordability and homelessness. The St Vincent de Paul Society provides homeless services across NSW which offer pathways out of homelessness through intensive case management, education and training, advocacy and social reconnection.

Mr Perusco explains that with around 105,000 people in Australia experiencing homelessness, it is more obvious than ever that investment must be made in improving the structures that force people into homelessness. “Housing costs are the single biggest driver of poverty and disadvantage in Australia. We must have a debate on the range of options that could improve housing affordability. With over $6 billion distributed on negative gearing and capital gains tax concessions each year, one option is to limit these concessions to investments in affordable housing or the supply of new housing.

For any enquires regarding the event contact Lily Basdeo on 9415 1492 or lily.basdeo@vinnies.org.au

What: St Vincent de Paul Society Social Justice in the Pub
Where: The Belrose Hotel, 5 Hews Parade, Belrose
When: Wednesday 31st July at 7.30pm
Who: Guest Speaker – Michael Perusco, CEO St Vincent de Paul Society NSW

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