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North Shore Sydney Alliance Discernment Assembly – 13th November 2013 in Gordon

Dear North Shore Sydney Alliance members,

It’s been a while since we last came together – for some this was at the orientation in May, for others it was at the community organising training in June/July.

Now is the time to all come together, in even greater numbers, to meet each other and have the conversation about what we want to do, as a community, to make the North Shore an even greater place to live.

We’ve heard stories from you about what life is like in this area, and why you care about your community. Stories of:

  • feeling isolated from the rest of the community, and not knowing your neighbours anymore,
  • of not being able to access vital cancer treatment services because the service has shut down in the North Shore,
  • of people sleeping in cars in our neighbourhoods because they can’t afford to live near where they work,
  • of grandparents becoming carers for grandchildren because of cost of living pressures
  • of new migrants not knowing anyone and not being able to meet people, to learn English and to access services
  • of the homelessness which exists in many forms across the area
  • of very limited transport services if you don’t live near a train line
  • and so many more!!

On the 13th November from 7.30pm-9pm at Gordon Uniting Church we’re gathering to make change. Need transport? – Contact Clare Glendenning, 0403711949

I’ve attached a flyer (click here) with some more information. We’d love to have you there, with other interested people from your organisations to meet, share stories, relate and strengthen our community and the voice as the North Shore/Northern District community.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there. Feel free to call me on 0431 880 430 or send me an email at sbarchet@sydneyalliance.org.au if you have some questions about who else to invite, what the evening will look like or just to get to know me.

Other members of the core team include: Adrian Gomez (Mount St Benedict School), Andrew Miller (Forestville Uniting Church), Hans van Schie (Broken Bay Diocese), Ian Pearson (Killara Uniting Church) John Oldmeadow (Uniting Church Synod of NSW), John Sinclair (National Tertiary Education Union), Narelle Sinclair (Rail, Tram and Bus Union), Rob McFarlane (St Ives Uniting Church), Roberto Corpuz (Broken Bay Diocese), Sudheesh Bhasi (Macquarie University), Suzanne Sheerin (Link Housing).

Warmest Regards,


Organiser, Sydney Alliance

0431 880 430

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