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Social Justice and the Steady State Economy

Infinite Growth on a Finite Planet

There is a growing recognition that infinite economic growth is not possible on a finite planet and that the human race (largely the rich) is presently living beyond the means of the Earth to sustain our present life style. While some concerned individuals have given up hope that community leaders will address this problem and suggest we will have to wait until a catastrophic collapse  before it is addressed, others see this as inhumane and Non-Christian.

It is generally acknowledged that it is the poor, living in cities that will suffer most once these limits begin to exert themselves more seriously. For this reason, the limits to economic growth are set to emerge as a very significant social justice issue for the Christian community. Planning a transition to the Steady State Economy is a more moral and constructive and approach to the required change than simply waiting for “the great disruption” scenario in which it would seem that poverty and social conflict would precipitate the required change.

In October 2014 the NSW Centre for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy organised the 2014 Fenner Conference on the environment  for the Australian Academy of Science. Its proceedings are now available on Youtube. Links to the videos are provided below.

Keynote address Dr Brian Czech, President of CASSE international, author of ‘Supply Shock’ -‘A steady state economy – the time is now’

Topic 1: ‘Why the growth economy is broken: the environmental science of endless growth’

Topic 2: ‘Capitalism and the steady state economy – uneasy bedfellows?’

Topic 3: “Key aspects of a steady state economy”

Topic 4: Throughput and consumerism – a key elephant in the room

Topic 5: Ethics, equity and equality

Topic 6: Policy and political process towards a steady state economy


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