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Australia: Bishops condemn ‘cruel’ treatment of asylum seekers –

By: James Parker

From Independent Catholic News Posted: Saturday, May 10, 2014 9:22 pm The Australian Catholic Bishops, led by West Australian Bishop Christopher Saunders of Broome, have released their strongest statement yet on the “faceless”, “nameless”, “cruel”, “de-humanising” attitudes and actions being taken by cross-party politicians in relation to the plight of those […]

Boat – by Jane van Beek

When I pray on Sunday and then turn the other cheek once too often the other six days, my moral compass becomes a little unsteady. Right now, it’s wobbly.

There are a few of us in this boat. We’re adrift. Sometime after 07 things began to unravel, then became intolerable, and we had to […]

Why Refugees from Iran? & 10 Essential Facts About Asylum Seekers

On the evening of 23rd August, 2011 at Fr Patrick McMaugh Hall, Asquith, listeners heard from three speakers: Phil Glendenning, and two Iranian refugees.

Phil debunked some of the false notions associated with refugees and asylum seekers as they make their way to Australia.

Mohammad (an Iranian refugee now safe in Australia […]

Refugees – still an issue


Elaine Ledgerwood is a PhD student in theology at Murdoch University. She is interested in listening to Christians who have supported refugees in detention or on temporary protection visas reflect on how their experiences have shaped their faith. Elaine will be in […]